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Violence Against the AAPI Community and Rising Above the Hate

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, discrimination, verbal assaults, and physical violence against members of the AAPI community have skyrocketed, disproportionately harming vulnerable members of the community, including women, youth and elders. This racism takes its toll. Please join us to learn what you can do to help combat anti-Asian racism in everyday living and support the AAPI community.

Topics will include: understanding the problem of racism; practical, actionable steps to disrupt racism and overcome unconscious biases; and ways to create a safe space to speak up against racism.


MLF: Psychology

Image - Tam Nguyen

Dr. Tam Nguyen

Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist; Director of Ambulatory and Addiction Care, Sutter Health

Image - Sarah Nguyen

Dr. Sarah Nguyen

M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences, University of California, Los Angeles; Associate Director, Integrative Psychiatry Clinic

Image -  Jennifer Tran

Dr. Jennifer Tran

D.O., Family Medicine Doctor, Palo Alto Medical Foundation

Image - Uyen-Khanh Quang-Dang

Dr. Uyen-Khanh Quang-Dang

M.D., Geriatric Psychiatrist, Palo Alto Medical Foundation; Member, APA Foundation Board of Directors

Image - Patrick O'Reilly

Dr. Patrick O'Reilly

Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist; Chair, Psychology Member-Led Forum, The Commonwealth Club of California—Moderator