Image - Tom Steyer
Image - Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer: Power Disruptor?

Tom Steyer doesn’t just want to impeach President Trump, he wants to replace him. Steyer insists that America’s democracy, health-care and climate shortcomings all stem from a warped distribution of money and power. Supporters point to Steyer’s promising rise in early primary state polling, but a crowded Democratic primary has left some Americans asking: Is this the moment for another wealthy, white, male president? 

With two weeks to go before the Democratic National Committee’s vote in San Francisco on a climate-focused presidential debate, join us with candidate Tom Steyer for a candid discussion of his chances in the race for the presidency—and our chances in the race against climate disruption.

Image - Steyer

Tom Steyer

Activist; Businessman; 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate

Image - Dalton

Greg Dalton

Founder and Host, Climate One