Image - Tom Siebel
Image - Tom Siebel

Tom Siebel: The Social Implications of AI

If anyone can make provocative predictions about technology and its impact on business and our everyday lives, it is Tom Siebel. One of Silicon Valley's most successful entrepreneurs for more than four decades, he remains at the forefront of enterprise software, big data, cloud, the Internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning—formerly at Oracle and Siebel Systems and, most recently, as founder and CEO of C3.

Siebel explores the far-ranging impact that AI and digital innovation will have on every aspect of life and how this step function change in technology—fueled by AI and IoT—continues to disrupt critical industries from agriculture, health care, manufacturing, defense, financial services and energy. 

Siebel will discuss the societal and ethical implications of AI, exploring both the dangers and the opportunities where AI can have the greatest impact. Given AI is being rapidly applied to virtually all societal domains, the urgency of working together to mitigate the adverse consequences has never been greater. Leading researchers suggest it is only a matter of time before rival states, criminals and terrorists use AI’s scale and efficiency to launch finely targeted and highly efficient attacks.

In this rapidly evolving climate, Siebel argues that the benefits of AI are substantial, but the potential costs are significant. He advocates that the balance between the two lies in regulation, private and public sector collaboration, and a clear focus on issues such as privacy and cybersecurity to protect us—as consumers and citizens.

Join one of technology’s most preeminent leaders for a night of insightful conversation on the shaping of society by the exponential—and unstoppable—rise of AI. 

Image - Siebel

Tom Siebel

Founder and CEO, C3

In Conversation with Alexandra Suich Bass

U.S. Technology Editor, The Economist