Image - Paul English and Tracy Kidder

Tech Talk with Founder Paul English and Author Tracy Kidder

Paul English, Co-founder, Tracy Kidder, Pulitzer Prize Winner; Author, A Truck Full of Money

Becky Worley, Tech Contributor, "Good Morning America"—Moderator

This program is part of our Good Lit series, underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation.

Tech titan Paul English, founder of, and his biographer, Tracy Kidder, will talk with "Good Morning America" tech reporter Becky Worley. Paul English is an unconventional genius who has created a culture of innovation in all of his entrepreneurial projects. He is known as “the Pied Piper of Geeks” who encourages his teams to think creatively, make fast decisions and take risks. Paul has combined his computer science skills and playful practicality to improve travel, public health and education—and intends to give away all his money! Paul’s life work is the subject of Tracy Kidder’s new book, A Truck Full of Money. Kidder, the “master of the nonfiction narrative,” has been covering the tech business since he wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning Soul of a New Machine in 1981 that described the emerging world of high-tech corporate America. He has also profiled public health pioneer Dr. Paul Farmer in the bestselling book Mountains Beyond Mountains, about his work trying to solve the dual global health crises of tuberculosis and AIDS. Come participate in this spicy discussion of tech, entrepreneurship and a whole new way to think about materialism and social responsibility. *THIS PROGRAM CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*