Steven L. Pease: Jewish Achievement


Steven L. Pease: Jewish Achievement

Author, The Golden Age of Jewish Achievement

Stephen M. Dobbs, Ph.D., Consultant in Philanthropy - Moderator

Though the Jewish people only represent 2 percent of the United States' population, they comprise 36 percent of the world's Nobel Prize recipients in economics, 51 percent of Pulitzer Prizes for nonfiction, 21 percent of Ivy League university enrollment and 37 percent of Academy Award-winning directors. Pease, raised a Presbyterian, asks why Jews are disproportionately high achievers and attempts to answer these questions through hundreds of fascinating case studies, ultimately making the case for the important role Jewish culture has played in this high-achieving result. Pease will discuss what drew him to investigate this topic, as well as the significance of the Jewish emphasis on literacy and education in creating this legacy of achievement.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club on May 13, 2010