Image - Steve Case
Image - Steve Case

Steve Case: Entrepreneurs and the New American Dream

For visionary businessman and AOL founder Steve Case, great entrepreneurs can be found anywhere and can thrive with the proper support and investment. At a time when America's economy is undergoing fundamental shifts on several fronts, entrepreneurs are obviously essential to America's future. Back in 2014, Case helped the country prepare for this moment with the launch of Rise of the Rest, an effort to inspire entrepreneurs across the country to build successful startups.

Case reviews the impact of his effort, and how communities large and small nationwide are reinventing the American landscape. Case explores entrepreneurial efforts in 43 cities across the country, where individuals from all walks of life are building groundbreaking companies, renewing communities, and creating new jobs. Through these inspirational, close-up stories, Case uncovers a path toward a more innovative and inclusive America.

Join us as Case explains how startup communities can bring people together around a shared future and redefine the American dream at this critical moment in the country's history.

Image - Steve Case

Steve Case

Chairman and CEO, Revolution; Author, The Rise of the Rest: How Entrepreneurs in Surprising Places are Building the New American Dream; Twitter @SteveCase

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In Conversation with Lenny Mendonca

Former Chief Economic and Business Advisor, State of California; Twitter @Lenny_Mendonca