STEM to STEAM Movement

Donn K. Harris, Executive and Artistic Director, Oakland School for the Arts; Chairman, California Arts Council

Virginia Wilcox, Photographer, The Salton Sea Series

Matt Ganucheau, Education Director, Art/Technology Center, Gray Area, San Francisco

Shaun Tai, Founder, Digital Divide Resource Center, Oakland Digital, Oakland

Staci Smith, STEAM Coordinator, Oakland School for the Arts

The STEM to STEAM movement takes the benefits of STEM and integrates access principles in and through the arts, connecting learning in these critical areas together with arts practices, elements, design principles and standards. Donn Harris, executive and artistic director of Oakland School for the Arts and the chairman of the California Arts Council, is joined by science and technology leaders in talking about the future of STEAM at the center of transforming the 21st-century economy through research policy,education and workplace innovation.