Image - Solar Energy Project
Image - Solar Energy Project
Image - Solar Energy Project

Solar Energy Project: Kenyan Youth Innovation Centers

Despite the high potential for solar power generation in Kenya, more than 84 percent of Kenyans in rural communities have no access to grid electricity. A pilot project in Limuru, Kenya, is teaching young people the skills they need to build a solar-LED light system with scrap components, soldering wire for electricity in their homes, schools and neighborhoods. The goal is to help youth learn to develop renewable energy. The program also encourages entrepreneurial goals and provides students with the skills they need for economic self-sufficiency in their communities. Come learn what these young people are doing to create solar energy and power for both today and the future.

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Ann Clark


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Image - Levine
Barry Levine, Ph.D.
Professor of Computer Science, San Francisco State University
Image - Kahahu
Jambi Kahahu
St. Stevens Memorial Academy in Limuru, Kenya