Image - speaker photos plus book cover
Image - speaker photos plus book cover

Social Impact Strategies: Jacob Harold's 'The Toolbox' and Why It Matters

Jacob Harold, author of The Toolbox: Strategies for Crafting Social Impact, tells us that “there are no easy solutions. Instead there are tools.” Jacob’s book is an essential guide for anyone trying to improve our world. In it, Harold offers clarity and inspiration to leaders at all levels. Beautifully designed and executed, The Toolbox features 36 diagrams, 22 stories, 17 poems, nine tools, five equations, and one goal: a better world.

Joining us for a one-hour fireside chat to dig through The Toolbox is Steven LaFrance, founder of Learning for Action, who will engage Harold in discussion about how The Toolbox can be applied to benefit nonprofits—and other organizations—you care about.

Image - Jacob Harold

Jacob Harold

Social Change Strategist; Author, The Toolbox: Strategies for Crafting Social Impact; Former President & CEO, GuideStar; Co-founder, Candid

Image - Steven LaFrance

Steven LaFrance

Founder and  Board Member, Learning for Action; Consultant, Head+Heart Advisory; 

Image - Ian McCuaig

Ian McCuaig

Advisor, Track & Share; Chair, Social Impact Member-led Forum, The Commonwealth Club of California—Moderator