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Image - Secret San Francisco
Image - Secret San Francisco

Secret San Francisco

Have you ever taken an underground sewer tour in San Francisco? Or wandered through a labyrinth where the land meets the sea? Secret San Francisco unlocks these secrets and other little-known stories about our city’s most enduring icons. You’ll find out about the real crookedest street, local windmills and an airport for flying boats. Along the way, you’ll encounter bizarre and often hilarious history, including the origins of Burning Man, Santa Con and the fight to legalize public nudity. And did you know that San Francisco was the site of the last American duel? Carlson takes you places locals would rather keep to themselves—that is, if they even knew about them!

MLF Organizer: George Hammond

MLF: Humanities

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Ruth Carlson

Travel Writer; Author, Secret San Francisco: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure