Image - Secret Behind High Drug Costs
Image - Secret Behind High Drug Costs

The Secret Behind High Drug Costs

Prescription drug costs keep escalating with no cap in sight. Is it the drug companies that are marking up the prices, or is something else driving these high costs? The increase has been astronomical and affects patients’ ability to pay for drugs and take them as prescribed. This creates a dangerous situation for the patient. Come learn about pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs), an industry secret that explains why drug prices are both confusing and expensive. Find out how PBMs control the amount paid for prescription drugs, why discounts don’t get to the patient and what actions we can take to reduce prescription drug costs.  

MLF Organizer: Judy Chan

MLF: Health & Medicine

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Mary Powell

J.D., LL.M., Attorney and Partner, Trucker Huss; Affordable Care Act (ACA) Attorney

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Pramod John

Ph.D., CEO, VIVIO Health

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David Wiesner

MBA, Employee Benefit Consultant; Principal, Edgewood Partners Insurance Center