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Is the Rising Tide Lifting All Boats? Race and Inclusion in the Bay Area

Libby Schaaf, Mayor of Oakland
James Bell, Civil Rights Leader; Executive Director, W. Hayward Burns Institute for Juvenile Justice, Fairness and Equality
Manuel Pastor, Demographer and Professor of Sociology, American Studies and Ethnicity, The University of Southern California
Joshua Johnson, Creator/Host, Rockit Fuel Radio Podcast; Lecturer, U.C. Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism—Moderator

This program is part of our special series focused on people, place and power in the Bay Area, sponsored by the San Francisco Foundation.

The Bay Area is at a crossroads. We live in one of the most industrious, exciting places anywhere. We know that our vitality, ingenuity and broad array of cultural identities make the region special. Yet we also know that we have significant challenges. People are worried about jobs, housing, transportation, and about making sure that everybody has the chance to participate, prosper and reach their full potential, regardless of their race or the neighborhood in which they live.

Is it possible to provide true opportunity for all residents of our region, or is the notion of Bay Area exceptionalism just a myth? Join the dialogue.


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