Image - The Penelope Poems
Image - The Penelope Poems

The Penelope Poems

Based on a careful study of Homer's the Odyssey, and her research on women's lives in Bronze Age Greece, Patti Trimble has written a suite of spoken poems on the women of the Odyssey. In this presentation of poetic/musical excerpts, Penelope speaks monologues on her life in the palace, weaving and thinking in her room, responding to Rumor's messages about Odysseus and his return. A poetic chorus, supported by song and music, tells the mythical–historical origins of Homer's female archetypes and monsters. Trimble uses the evolution of her imagined Penelope to weave poetic imagery onto the loom of her research from academic texts and ancient Greek writings

MLF Organizer: George Hammond

MLF: Humanities

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Patti Trimble

Poet, Author and Performer, “The Penelope Poems”

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Maya Khosla

Spoken Word Artist

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Julia Norton


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Peter Whitehead