Image - Paul Holes
Image - Paul Holes
Image - Paul Holes

Paul Holes: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases

Paul Holes takes us through his memories of a storied career as a cold case investigator and provides an insider account of some of the most notorious cases in contemporary American history, including the hunt for the Golden State Killer, Laci Peterson’s murder, and Jaycee Dugard’s kidnapping. This is also a revelatory profile of a complex man and what makes him tick: the drive to find closure for victims and their loved ones, the inability to walk away from a challenge—even at the expense of his own happiness.

Holes opens up the most intimate scenes of his life: his moments of self-doubt and the impact that detective work has had on his marriage. This is a story about the gritty truth of crime-solving when there are no flashbulbs and “case closed” headlines. It is the story of a man and his commitment to cases and people who might otherwise have been forgotten.

Come meet Paul Holes and go behind the scenes of an expert cold case investigator.


This program is part of our Good Lit series, underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation.


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Image - Paul Holes

Paul Holes

Retired Cold Case Investigator; Author, Unmasked: My Life Solving America’s Cold Cases; Twitter @PaulHoles

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