Image - Paola Ramos
Image - Paola Ramos

Paola Ramos: Finding Latinx

America’s Latinx population is diverse, complex and has plenty of untold stories to share. Paola Ramos, a correspondent for Vice and former deputy director of Hispanic media for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, has spent the past 2 years exploring the changing nature of Latinx identity. In her first book, Finding Latinx: In Search of the Voices Redefining Latino Identity, Paola presents a travelogue with stories from Latinx community members across America that will move, empower and enrage you.

Join Paola at INFORUM, where she will talk about the intense field research that went into writing Finding Latinx and how her personal experiences informed her work. Be sure to tune in for what will be a fascinating discussion of the contemporary Latinx community.


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Image - Paola Ramos

Paola Ramos

Contributor, MSNBC; Contributor, Telemundo; Host and Correspondent, Vice News; Author, Finding Latinx: In Search of the Voices Redefining Latino Identity

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Amanda Renteria

CEO, Code for America—Moderator