Panel: Self-Publishing (Program 3) - Book Sales and Marketing


Self-Publishing: Book Sales and Marketing

Scott James, Columnist, The New York Times; Author (aka Kemble Scott), SoMa, The Sower

Elizabeth Block, Author, A Gesture Through Time; Recipient, the Christopher Isherwood Foundation Fiction Fellowship

Teresa LeYung Ryan, Author, Love Made of Heart, Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published

Paula Hendricks, Founder and Book Designer, Cinnabar Bridge Communications; Author, September in Corrales

Book publishing is undergoing a sea change. Come and participate in our dynamic and interactive three-part series covering all aspects of self-publishing, taught by front-line experts who have done it themselves Ð and succeeded. Bookstores are closing; newspaper book reviews are almost gone; and online options can be overwhelming. What’s an author or publisher to do?

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on April 19, 2010.