Panel: Self-Publishing (Program 2) - The Nuts and Bolts of Making Books


Self-Publishing – The Nuts and Bolts of Making Books

Lee Foster, Owner, Foster Travel Publishing; Author, The Photographer’s Guide to San Francisco

Joel Friedlander, Proprietor, Marin Bookworks; Blogger,

V. Vale, Publisher, RE/Search Publications; Founder, Search and Destroy

Paula Hendricks, Founder and Book Designer, Cinnabar Bridge Communications; Author, September in Corrales – Moderator

Book publishing is undergoing a sea change. Come and participate in our dynamic and interactive three-part series covering all aspects of self-publishing, taught by front-line experts who have done it themselves Ð and succeeded. What goes into making a book truly a book? What are the essentials of editing and page layout – and how can they make or break you? Learn from an insider panel of experts about the critical design and production of your book and the ins and outs of available formats, from traditional to e-books and apps.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at the Commonwealth Club of California on April 12, 2010.