Image - New Yorker Cartoonist Liana Finck
Image - New Yorker Cartoonist Liana Finck

New Yorker Cartoonist Liana Finck

Liana Finck’s deeply insightful and delightfully odd work as a cartoonist and illustrator with The New Yorker has earned her a devoted following who look to her columns and cartoons as a refreshing depiction of collective experiences in today’s world. She is also a social media sensation, with almost 300,000 followers on Instagram who visit her page daily for their dose of comedically dark insights on love, dating, self-esteem, mental health and much more. While her cartoons appear simple, they shed light on some of human existence’s most complex themes.

Finck’s new book, Excuse Me: Cartoons, Complaints, and Notes to Self, is a collection of her most beloved work from Instagram and The New Yorker, and it combines the personal with the relatable to explore common anxieties, no matter the reader. She joins INFORUM to discuss her trademark mix of absurdity, melancholy and humor and to share her sharply deft views of the world.

Notes: Finck photo © Jorge Colombo

Image - Finck

Liana Finck

Cartoonist; Contributor, The New Yorker; Author, Excuse Me: Cartoons, Complaints, and Notes to Self

Roman Muradov

Artist; Author; Designer; Professor, California College of the Arts—Moderator