Image - Motecuzoma Sanchez
Image - Motecuzoma Sanchez
Image - Motecuzoma Sanchez

Motecuzoma Sanchez: How Much Progress Has Stockton's Youngest-Ever Mayor Made?

Stockton Mayor Michael Tubbs has received a lot of attention for his announcement of innovative approaches to dealing with the California city's problems—such as a universal basic income or the Stockton Scholars program. Has he delivered on his promises?

Motecuzoma P. Sanchez (pictured) is an activist and journalist who says he works to hold accountable the leaders in Stockton, where he was born and raised. As the founder of the 209 Times media company, Sanchez as been a persistent critic of Mayor Tubbs. And Sanchez is not without critics of his own, who say he is obsessed with attacking Tubbs and other Stockton political leaders. 

Come hear a discussion about Sanchez's take on Tubbs's performance in office since he won a landslide victory over an incumbent mayor in 2017.  

Image - Motecuzoma Sanchez
Motecuzoma Sanchez
Founder, 209 Times Media; Activist; Twitter @motecuzomatzin
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Michelle Meow
Producer and Host, "The Michelle Meow Show" (Radio and TV); Twitter @msmichellemeow—Co-Host
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John Zipperer
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