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Morality of Warfare

Peter Dale Scott, Author, The American Deep State
George Hammond, Author, Rational Idealism
Additional panelist TBA

Monday Night Philosophy makes an assumption tonight: Warfare is an ineradicable aspect of human (and other simian) life caused by our conflicting desires. If war is here to stay, though, can we still tame it the way other social problems have been institutionalized or hemmed in by written and unwritten rules that almost everyone would be ashamed to violate? Can our daily life moral or ethical schemes be extended to restrain this most violent and destructive part of our lives?

Our panel will discuss that in the 21st century context of drone wars, non-state actors, collateral damage, heightened security and an ever more level playing field for inflicting violence due to technology.


Peter Dale Scott

Author, The American Deep State

George Hammond

Author, Rational Idealism