Image - The Modern Professional's Tool Kit: A Night of Skill Building

The Modern Professional's Toolkit: A Night of Skill Building

Thu, Jun 4 2015 - 6:30pm

What are the essential skills employees need to thrive in the 21st century? Join Inforum as big data gurus, online community managers and experts from a variety of other fields teach the skills that employees need to succeed in the modern working world.

Presentation topics include:

“Investing in Your Skills” by Arman Assadi of Why I Left Google

“Don’t Panic! How to Embrace Emerging Social Media” by Lauren Girardin, Lauren Girardin Consulting

“Attention, Please: Practical Tips for Less Boring Presentations” by Jared Bloom and Chris Laughlin, Co-Founders, 4th and King

“Deciphering Data and Using Analytics on the Daily” by Benn Stancil, Mode Analytics

“The Art and Power of Storytelling” by Tom Nguyen, Product Manager at Adobe Online Community Manager

Panelists include Alicia Schmidt of SalesForce Foundation, Susan Tenby of TechSoup Global and Eliza Davidson of Udemy

Finally, enjoy workshops by professionals, including:

“The 5 HTML Tips and Tricks You Need to Know” by Courtland Alves, Inforum Board Chair

“Hacking PowerPoint and Keynote: You Can Do It!” by Jared Bloom and Chris Laughlin, Co-Founders, 4th and King