Image - Elizabeth Koehler-Pentakoff

The Missing Kennedy

Elizabeth Koehler-Pentacoff, The New York Times Bestselling Author

Koehler-Pentacoff shares Rosemary Kennedy's tragic story about being lobotomized at 23 and being sent away to live the rest of her years at a convent. Rosemary's story is interwoven with the author's own personal tale in the new book The Missing Kennedy. A New York Times bestselling author, Elizabeth is the niece of the nun who took care of Rosemary Kennedy for 35 years. The inspiration behind The Special Olympics and The Best Buddies program, Rosemary led a very meaningful life because of how her family responded to her misfortune. Koehler-Pentacoff will share the impact Rosemary had on her life and the life of so many others.