Image - Lama Tsomo

Meditation Beginner's Workshop with Lama Tsomo

Lama Tsomo, Studied More than 20 years under Gochen Tulku Sangak Rinpoche, World Holder of the Namchak Lineage of Tibet Buddhism; Ordained in Nepal in 2005; Master's in Counseling Psychology, Antioch University

Lama Tsomo, one of the first American lamas ordained in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition and author of Why Is the Dalai Lama Always Smiling?, comes to the Club to introduce meditation in an accessible, non-religious way for people living and working in contemporary society. Originally trained as a counseling psychologist, Lama Tsomo started studying Buddhism in 1992, speaks fluent Tibetan, and was ordained in the Nyingma path in 2005. Scientific research now shows that meditation improves health, productivity, and happiness. In this two-hour workshop, Lama Tsomo will briefly introduce the benefits of meditation in her signature style, which is playful, rich in stories, and brings depth, and then focus on teaching a beginner-level meditation. She will also share ways to sustain a meditation practice over time and will discuss how practicing and studying with others in a learning circle can be tremendously beneficial for personal and spiritual development. There will also be a lively question and answer opportunity.