Image - Inside the NFL in Dangerous Times
Image - Inside the NFL in Dangerous Times
Image - Inside the NFL in Dangerous Times

Mark Leibovich: Inside the NFL in Dangerous Times

In recent years, the National Football League (NFL) has become a never-ending source of controversy. From the reveal that players have been suffering from traumatic head injuries to the widespread protests during the national anthem, the NFL has become nothing short of a circus fueled by madness. In his new book, Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous TimesNew York Times Magazine chief national correspondent Mark Leibovich ventures into the chaos to articulate the games beyond the gridiron.

Leibovich argues that the NFL is the center of one of America’s most dynamic culture wars. The sport that previously united its fans has now become weaponized for politically and economically motivated conglomerates. Leibovich walks across the sidelines and into the locker rooms to display the internal mechanisms that support one of America’s most coveted sports.

Join us for a stirring conversation that brings us on an odyssey into the depths of the NFL.


Leibovich photo by Ralph Alswang


** This program contains Explicit Language **

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Mark Leibovich
Chief National Correspondent, The New York Times Magazine; Author, Big Game: The NFL in Dangerous Times; Twitter @MarkLeibovich
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In Conversation with Raj Mathai
News Anchor, NBC Bay Area