Image - fog on mountainside
Image - fog on mountainside

Marin Recovers: Looking Ahead in the North Bay

Just north of San Francisco lies Marin County, which like many California counties is facing a resurgence of COVID-19 cases just as the county was following its careful re-opening plan. Hospitalizations and deaths are up, and some aspects of the county’s re-opening have been halted, including the restarting of many businesses. Marin now finds itself on the state's watch list for additional protection measures.

What do all of these changes mean for the county and its residents, particularly its business, cultural arts and nonprofit sectors? Please join us for an important discussion with key Marin County community leaders who will discuss the road ahead for one of the Bay Area’s most unique areas.


Part of the Club’s Marin Conversations series, supported by the Marin Community Foundation and Relevant Wealth Advisors

Image - Mike Blakeley

Mike Blakeley

CEO, Marin Economic Forum

Image - Gabriella Calicchio

Gabriella Calicchio

Director of Cultural Services, Marin County

Image - Omar Carrera

Omar Carrera

CEO, Canal Alliance

Image - Vicki Larson

Vicki Larson

Lifestyle Editor, Writer, Columnist, Marin Independent Journal—Moderator