Image - Graphic featuring the word 'anxiety' in the foreground
Image - Graphic featuring the word 'anxiety' in the foreground
Image - Graphic featuring the word 'anxiety' in the foreground

Managing Anxiety in the Time of COVID-19

It's a stressful time. We’re understandably anxious as we face a dangerous and unprecedented situation, and an uncertain future. Ordinarily, we would reach out to family, friends and co-workers for a supportive hug or gather together to talk things through. These are the natural ways we manage stressful situations. Yet during this time of the coronavirus, we have to be physically distancing from others. We want to make sure that our loved ones are safe, yet our mere presence can endanger them. We need to handle complex, unprecedented situations quickly and competently, yet our impulse may be toward panic, anxiety and therefore avoidance.

Dr. Michael Tompkins, co-director of the San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy and assistant clinical professor at the University of California, Berkeley, specializes in the treatment of anxiety disorders. He’ll spend an hour with us and share a few strategies that may help us to manage our anxieties more effectively. He'll lead us in a few exercises and answer questions we may have.

MLF Organizer: Brad Berman

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This program is free, though we invite you to make a donation during registration

This program will be online only; please pre-register for a link to the program

This program is generously supported by the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and a collaborative of local funders and donors. We are grateful for their support and hope others will follow their example to support the Club during these uncertain times.


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Image - Michael A. Tompkins

Dr. Michael A. Tompkins

Ph.D., Author; Co-Director, San Francisco Bay Area Center for Cognitive Therapy; Assistant Clinical Professor, University of California, Berkeley; Founding Fellow, Academy of Cognitive Therapy