Life After Liquidity

San Francisco’s 2019 IPO (initial public offering) wave has made national headlines, but little has been said to equip employees for the major cultural shifts they will face as their companies consider liquidity strategies. What does the lead-up entail, and what does life after liquidity look like for executive leadership and employees alike?

Join a panel of experts as they share their own post-liquidity insights—from inception to successfully navigating initial public offering, acquisition or mergers and many of the other stages of a company’s life. Learn how companies can make these informed decisions and should prepare their employees for these life-changing transitions as well as how these business decisions impact the community at large.


This program is generously supported by First Republic Bank

Image - Buyer

Lise Buyer

Founder and Partner, Class V Group

Image - Tracy Coté

Tracy Coté

Chief People Officer, Genesys

Image - Rosenthal

David Rosenthal

General Partner, Wave Capital; Host, “Acquired” Podcast

Dan Springer

CEO and Founder, DocuSign