Image - Let’s Talk About #SexTech
Image - Let’s Talk About #SexTech

Let’s Talk About #SexTech

When sex and technology cross paths, we see a combination of curiosity and censorship, sexism and empowerment, but most importantly, knowledge and pleasure. The intersection between sex and technology goes beyond sex toys—from smart vibrators to apps for your phone that allow you to track and learn from your own experiences—sex tech’s innovation plays a major factor in the future of women’s health and pleasure. Despite these groundbreaking improvements being made for user experience, however, the tech industry continues to reject sex tech and the women who are leading these advancements.

In 2016, Myisha Battle launched Sex for Life, which boasts an array of sex coaching practices as well as the sex-positive podcast “Down for Whatever.” Liz Klinger is the CEO of Lioness, a company focusing on creating products to enable sexual self-discovery and well-being. Andrea Barrica is the founder and CEO of O.School, an online sex-ed platform that aims to revolutionize how we feel, talk and understand sex. Join these experts for a conversation about the many obstacles faced by leaders in the rapidly growing sex tech industry and their road to recognition.

** This Program Contains Explicit Language **

Image - Andrea Barrica

Andrea Barrica

Founder and CEO,

Image - Battle

Myisha Battle

Certified Sex and Dating Coach; Host, "Down for Whatever"

Image - Klinger

Liz Klinger

Co-Founder and CEO, Lioness

Image - McGowan

Emma McGowan

Sex Educator; Writer; Sex Columnist, Bustle—Moderator