Larry Harvey: Burning Man, A Conversation with the Founder (7/19/11)


Burning Man: A Conversation with the Founder

Larry Harvey, Founder, Burning Man

A first-time Burning Man attendee once said, “I walked through the gates, looked around, and asked myself, 'What is this place? Is it real?'” Every year up to 50,000 ‘burners’ make the pilgrimage to Black Rock City for eight days of commerce-free, debauchery-filled expression of human imagination. Leaving no trace of the party behind them, this diverse group of international artists, CEOs, technologists, intellectuals, families and bohemians alike carry on Burning Man founder Harvey’s world – one of mutant cars, themed villages and a 40-foot fiery effigy. Join us as we speak to the founder himself, and find out what Burning Man’s new HQ in SF will mean for that fair city.

This program was recorded in front of a live audience at The Commonwealth Club of California in San Francisco on July 19, 2011