Image - Kenia Serrano, Member of Cuban Parliament

Kenia Serrano, Member of Cuban Parliament

Kenia Serrano, Member of Cuban Parliament; Department of International Relations of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party; President of ICAP (The Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples – Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos)

In conversation with Walter Turner, Professor, College of Marin; President, Global Exchange; Host, Africa Today on KPFA

It was only a year ago that the United States and Cuba remained lodged in their 54-year Cold War relationship of isolation. Today, after a dramatic and sudden series of events, respective embassies in Havana and Washington have officially re-opened and formal diplomatic ties have been restored for the first time since 1961, following historic announcements by presidents Obama and Castro last year. However, while some changes have been swift, others have not: the U.S. embargo on Cuba remains firmly in place, and American travelers still cannot travel freely to Cuba. What is next for U.S.-Cuba relations? How do Cubans view these historic times? What is the Cuban perspective toward thorny issues such as the U.S. embargo and travel restrictions? What are the biggest challenges facing Cuba today? This is a rare and unique opportunity to hear a Cuban perspective during a momentous time of transition between our two countries.