Image - Kai-Fu Lee
Image - Kai-Fu Lee
Image - Kai-Fu Lee

Kai Fu Lee: AI Superpowers

How will artificial intelligence change our future? And who is leading the AI race—the United States or China?

Kai-Fu Lee outlines the impact that AI will have not just on blue-collar industries but white-collar professionals. He reveals how these unprecedented developments are happening much sooner than we think and what needs to be done to address these profound changes.

Lee has been at the forefront of AI development for 30 years. He was the president of Google China and also held executive positions at Microsoft, SGI and Apple.  


In association with the Committee of 100

Photo by Huili Shi

Image - Kai-Fu Lee
Kai-Fu Lee, Ph.D.
Chairman and CEO, Sinovation Ventures; Author, AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order; Twitter @kaifulee
Image - Lee
The Honorable Michelle K. Lee
Former Under Secretary of Commerce; Director, United States Patent and Trademark Office—Moderator