Image - HP Mendoza
Image - HP Mendoza
Image - HP Mendoza

H.P. Mendoza: Going Viral in the Age of the Coronavirus

Filmmaker H.P Mendoza found himself living in Japan when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. He and his partner were given less than a day to uproot themselves and be evacuated to the United States. But Mendoza found himself on "Good Morning America" and on countless social media feeds when a video he made lampooning video conferences went viral. Once he was sheltering-in-place in San Francisco, he made another video, this time a birthday sing-a-long with dozens of his distant sheltering-in-place friends.

Join us for this talk with a young filmmaker to learn more about his work, going viral in a good way, and coping with a pandemic.


H.P. Mendoza

Filmmaker, Colma: The Musical, Fruit Fly, Yes, We're Open, I Am a Ghost, and Bitter Melon; Twitter @hpmendoza

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