Image - the speaker and detail from his book cover
Image - the speaker and detail from his book cover

How Earth Came Alive! With Ferris Jabr

We, and all living things, are more than inhabitants of Earth—we are Earth! Life and its environment have coevolved for billions of years, transforming a lump of orbiting rock into a cosmic oasis that supports and is shaped by life.. . .

Join acclaimed science writer Ferris Jabr as he reveals a radical new vision of Earth where lush forests spew water, pollen and bacteria to summon rain; giant animals engineer the very landscapes they roam; microscopic plankton, some as glittering as carved jewels, remake the air and sea; and humans alter more layers of the planet in less time than any other species, pushing Earth into a crisis.

Jabr will draw on the work in his new book Becoming Earth, which delves into the hidden workings of our planet and its many lifeforms and invites us to reexamine our place in it. What we do next will determine what kind of Earth our descendants inherit for millennia to come . . . 

Image - Ferris Jabr

Ferris Jabr

Author, Becoming Earth: How Our Planet Came To Life; Contributing Writer, The New York Times Magazine

Image - Jenny Odell

Jenny Odell

Writer; Artist—Moderator