Image - heart-shaped sun
Image - heart-shaped sun
Image - heart-shaped sun

Healthy Society Series: The Health Benefits of Vitamin D and Solar UVB

This program will feature four vitamin D researchers who will discuss the evidence they generated and/or collected showing that vitamin D has important health benefits.

Carole Baggerly, CEO of, will outline the findings of health outcomes of more than 10,000 participants in their studies who take vitamin D supplements, measure their vitamin D levels every six months, and report any health changes. She will also discuss the evidence that vitamin D reduces risk of COVID-19. Dr. Carol L. Wagner will present results from studies of high-dose vitamin D supplementation of pregnant and nursing women, such as significantly reduced risk of preterm delivery. Professor Joan M. Lappe will discuss her clinical trials on vitamin D and calcium on prevention of cancer. William B. Grant, Ph.D., director of the Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center in San Francisco, will moderate the discussion.


Robert Lee Kilpatrick


MLF: Health & Medicine

Image - Carole A. Baggerly
Carole A. Baggerly
Founder and Director,
Image - Carol L. Wagner
Carol L. Wagner
M.D., Professor, Pediatrics Department, College of Medicine, Medical University of South Carolina
Image - Joan M. Lappe
Joan M. Lappe
Ph.D., R.N., Professor and Associate Dean, College of Nursing Research, Creighton University
Image - William B. Grant
William B. Grant
Ph.D., Founder and Director, Sunlight, Nutrition and Health Research Center; Vitamin D Researcher