Image - speaker and her book cover
Image - speaker and her book cover

Global Demographics Behind the Headlines

Please join us as Dr. Adele Hayutin takes us on a world tour of population change and its dramatic consequences.

Her talk will offer many surprises and insights, such as

  • China’s dramatic demographic plunge
  • Africa’s population explosion
  • Where declining birth rates lead to shrinking workforces
  • Where aging populations strain economic wellbeing
  • Why immigration is key to ensuring continued economic growth
  • How increasing women’s participation in the workforce will be critical globally

Drawing on her recent book, New Landscapes of Population Change: A Demographic World Tour, Dr. Hayutin will explore the divergent changes ahead for the world, its subregions, and individual countries, and she will demonstrate the urgent need for strategies that address these momentous shifts. She will examine global population dynamics and illuminate how these forces will combine over the next few decades in ways that threaten economic security and political stability, offering us a window on the future.

About the Speaker

Adele Hayutin, an Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, is a business economist specializing in comparative international demographics. Building on her experience in business and academia, Dr. Hayutin has developed an innovative comparative perspective that highlights surprising demographic differences across countries and illustrates the unprecedented speed and impacts of critical changes. Her recent book, New Landscapes of Population Change: A Demographic World Tour, illuminates the divergent changes ahead for the world.

Dr. Hayutin was previously director of demographic analysis at the Stanford University Center on Longevity and chief economist at the Fremont Group. Hayutin received a BA from Wellesley College and holds an MPP and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of California,Berkeley.


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Image - Adele M. Hayutin

Adele M. Hayutin

Ph.D., Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution; Author, New Landscapes of Population Change: A Demographic World Tour

Image - Frank Price

Frank Price

Chair, International Relations Member-led Forum, Commonwealth Club World Affairs of California—Moderator