Gad Saad: The Truth About Happiness and Leading the Good Life

Concordia University Professor of Marketing Dr. Gad Saad is not afraid to make people unhappy, if it makes them rethink their assumptions. For years, he has worn the mantle of the "anti-woke professor" and has shared his thoughts everywhere from Psychology Today to "The Joe Rogan Experience" to "The Saad Truth" on YouTube.

Now he wants to make people happy, and he's sharing his 8 secrets for leading the good life.

In this provocative and surprising new book, The Saad Truth about Happiness, Dr. Saad roams through scientific studies, culls the wisdom of ancient philosophy and religion, and draws on his extraordinary personal experience as a refugee from war-torn Lebanon turned academic celebrity. He shares secrets about resilience, purpose, moderation and more—including what you can learn from your dog about happiness.

Hear more from Dr. Saad, who has become a "de facto global therapist" to an ever-growing audience of hundreds of thousands of people.

Image - Gad Saad

Gad Saad

Host, "The Saad Truth"; Professor of Marketing, the John Molson School of Business, Concordia University; Author, The Saad Truth about Happiness: 8 Secrets for Leading the Good Life; Twitter @GadSaad

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