Image - San Francisco daytime skyline
Image - San Francisco daytime skyline

Future of SF: Town Hall + March Election Roundup

Come join WE SF and Commonwealth Club World Affairs for a one-of-a-kind, high-energy town hall presentation plus discussion, the likes of which San Francisco hasn’t recently seen!

​Not only will we present a nonpartisan multimedia breakdown of each of the ballot measures and candidates on the March 2024 election ballot, but we will have many of the city’s top elected officials, leaders, and key stakeholders on both sides of the aisle on hand to present the “pros” and “cons” of each issue. The event schedule is as follows:.​The event combines WE San Francisco’s unique ability to inspire civic engagement and explain complex issues, with the “big ideas” thought leadership of Commonwealth Club World Affairs, the nation's oldest and largest public affairs forum whose mission is to bring people together to connect, learn and act on issues that impact our community.

Presenters include:

  • Matt Dorsey, member, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (District 6)
  • Joel Engardio, member, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (District 4)
  • Ahsha Safai, member, San Francisco Board of Supervisors (District 11)
  • And many more!.

​The result is a celebration of San Francisco’s future, but one that is grounded in the realities of the present and what we can individually and collectively do to enable a better tomorrow.

Co-hosted with WE SF. This program is part of the Guggenhime Speakers Series, sponsored by the The Stanley S. Langendorf Foundation.


See event description for speakers

Ben Kaplan

Founder & CEO, TOP; Founder, WE SF—Moderator