Image - The Future of San Francisco
Image - The Future of San Francisco
Image - The Future of San Francisco

The Future of San Francisco

What's the future for San Francisco? Height and density? How much higher can San Francisco go on landfill and 49 miles surrounded by density? Neighborhoods have become parking lots for local transit and commuter parking. Affordable homes for residents, families and children are hard to find. The San Francisco skyline is filled with new sky high buildings of condos, apartments, renters, businesses and multinational money makers — all large buildings with little space for outdoor recreation, schools and playgrounds. Do two California bills, SB 827 and SB35, interact and preclude public health and environmental protections and limit the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA)? Join the conversation and share your views about the present and future of San Francisco.

Eric Brooks
Campaign Coordinator, Our City San Francisco
Stuart Flashman
Environmental Attorney
George Wooding
President, Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods