Image - The Future of Food with Chef Tyler Florence and Friends

The Future of Food with Chef Tyler Florence and Friends

Thu, Nov 19 2015 - 7:00pm

Tyler Florence, TV Host; Restauranteur; Cookbook Author; Businessman; Food App Developer; Designer; Vintner; Entrepreneur

Megan Miller, Co-Founder, Bitty Foods (alternative protein sources)

Adam Zbar, CEO, Sun Basket (alternative food choices & distribution channels)

Dr. Lauren Shimek, Food Scientist, IDEO (food scientist)

Douglas Gayeton, (architect of local food systems)

Janet Hayes, President, Williams-Sonoma (gourmet food & kitchen essentials retailer)

Part of the Good Lit series, underwritten by the Bernard Osher Foundation.

What do edible insects, Williams-Sonoma and an IDEO food scientist all have in common with Chef Tyler Florence? Join Inforum on November 19 to hear from a panel of industry experts convened by Emmy-nominated Food Network chef Tyler Florence. The panel will discuss new and sustainable innovations in how food is produced, distributed, prepared and consumed. Hear from Bitty Foods’ Megan Miller, an expert on the future of protein (crickets?); Adam Zbar, who’s attacking inefficiencies in how grocery stores are modeled; IDEO food scientist Dr. Lauren Shimek; Williams-Sonoma President Janet Hayes; and eco-rabble rouser, Douglas Gayeton.