Image - Digital Marketing
Image - Digital Marketing

The Future of Digital Marketing

Ming B. Wu, Chief Revenue Officer, Mightyhive 
Nikesh Desai, CEO, InvestingChannel
Mason Garrity, Vice President of Strategy, 3Q Digital
Anneka Gupta, CPO, LiveRamp—Moderator

Digital marketing is constantly evolving with incredible advancements in technology, partnerships, acquisitions and new strategic thinking. Ad-blocking, artificial intelligence, programmatic media buying, and big data are constant buzzwords we hear about the marketing landscape. Join this panel of experts across agency, publishing and technology as they discuss the biggest challenges and opportunities ahead for the next year.

Mason Garrity has over eight years experience in digital marketing, originally getting hooked at in college. Leading 3Q Digital's consulting and strategy practices, he works with the Bay Area’s most innovative companies and achieves growth goals through performance marketing. Prior to 3Q, Garrity co-founded Noosphere Marketing, an online marketing firm in New York City and received a degree in economics from Pomona College. Nikesh Desai is the co-founder and CEO of InvestingChannel, an interactive media platform that aggregates independent financial news. Prior, Desai co-founded the consultancy Giant Step Strategies and served as VP of business development at Ming B. Wu is chief revenue officer of MightyHive. He's also worked as SolarCity's executive vice president of marketing and as president of Accuen. During the mid-2000s, he led Yahoo's $1 billion brand advertising business and managed their monetization organization across $1.7 billion in display advertising in North America, Asia-Pacific and emerging markets.

Image - Ming B. Wu

Ming B. Wu

Chief Revenue Officer, Mightyhive

Image - Nikesh Desai

Nikesh Desai

CEO, InvestingChannel

Image - Garrity

Mason Garrity

Vice President of Strategy, 3Q Digital

Image - Anneka Gupta

Anneka Gupta

CPO, LiveRamp—Moderator