Image - Franklin and Washington
Image - Franklin and Washington
Image - Franklin and Washington

Franklin and Washington: The Founding Partnership

Monday Night Philosophy welcomes back Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Edward Larson to discuss his joint biography of our two most influential Founding Fathers. Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, though divided by a 26-year age gap and vastly different life experiences, underwent a similarly dramatic transformation from loyal British colonists to American nationalists, and Larson makes a persuasive case that neither one could have succeeded without the other's help. Washington's military skills required Franklin's diplomatic skills to win the Revolutionary War. Their partnership was also key to the success of the Constitutional Convention. In an enlightening and dramatic account of these two men’s intertwined lives, Larson covers from the French and Indian War through the Revolution and Constitutional Convention, and he concludes with Franklin's last political maneuver: forcing the issue of slavery before the new republic’s first Congress.

MLF Organizer: George Hammond

MLF: Humanities

Image - Larson
Edward Larson
University Professor of History and Hugh and Hazel Darling Chair of Law, Pepperdine University; Author, Franklin & Washington: The Founding Partnership