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In the Fields of the North

David Bacon has spent his life as a union organizer and activist focused on issues related to labor, immigration and international politics. In his landmark work of photojournalism, In the Fields of the North/En los campos del norte, he combines haunting photographs with the voices of migrant farmworkers, documenting the experiences of some of the hardest-working and most disenfranchised laborers in the country: the farmworkers responsible for making California "America's breadbasket.”

José Padilla will add to Bacon’s account of abuse, which also includes sexual abuse, in the labor contractor work system. He will comment on California Rural Legal Assistance’s (CRLA) role in fighting and winning against an almost feudal labor system in America’s fields.



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Image - Bacon
David Bacon
Labor Activist, Photographer, Journalist
Image - Padilla
José Padilla
Executive Director, California Rural Legal Assistance (CRLA)