Image - Epigenetics and the Story of Exosomes
Image - Epigenetics and the Story of Exosomes

Epigenetics and the Story of Exosomes: The Information Highway Bridging Mind and Body

For over a century, conventional science has attributed illness and disease to mechanistic failures of the body’s systems. Rather than “victims” of dysfunctional cells and genes, the new fields of epigenetics and quantum biophysics reveal that your mind expresses creative mastery over your biology and the character of your life. A radical new insight on how the mind shapes the body was discovered in 2007. A population of exosomes, small submicroscopic vesicles in the blood, were found to be virus particles created by our own cells and designed to infect our own cells. Via the cell’s membrane, consciousness is translated into gene and behavior controlling molecules. These information molecules can be conveyed by exosome viruses to specifically targeted cells. Exosome signaling coordinates the structure and function of the body’s cellular community in shaping overall health and wellbeing, including disease states, especially cancer. Understanding epigenetic and exosome mechanisms offers profound insight on the process of expressing self-empowerment in the unfolding of our lives. Join Bruce H. Lipton for an illustrated and animated presentation that will engage your mind and challenge your creativity as you comprehend the enormous potential for applying this information in your life and practice.


Adrea Brier


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Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.

Author, The Biology of Belief; Spontaneous Evolution; The Honeymoon Effect