Image - An Ecosystem of Hope
Image - An Ecosystem of Hope
Image - An Ecosystem of Hope

An Ecosystem of Hope: Immigrant Entrepreneurs

Stimulate the Economy, Grow the Middle Class and Spice Things Up

From the kitchen to the mercado and on the Internet, Bay Area Latinx innovators are leading an inclusive economy with strategies targeting immigrants to increase access to affordable financial services and provide support for immigrant entrepreneurs who in turn strengthen their communities and add jobs. Learn how they developed their award-winning financial inclusion strategies and how they collaborate (with each other and others) to scale and deepen impact in immigrant communities. Understand how a shifting political climate has impacted their clients and outreach strategies. 


Elizabeth Carney


MLF: Business & Leadership


Image - Olivares
Yery Olivares
COO, Fresno Area Hispanic Foundation
Image - Urrutia
Luz Urrutia
CEO, Opportunity Fund
Image - Velázquez
Nayeli Maxson Velázquez
CEO, the Alliance for Community Development
Image - Villaneva
Alicia Villaneva
Founder, Alicia's Tamales Los Mayas
Image - Perez
Iliana Perez
Director of Research and Entrepreneurship, Immigrants Rising—Moderator