Image - Dr. Mary Lamia and Michael Krasny
Image - Dr. Mary Lamia and Michael Krasny

Dr. Mary Lamia and Michael Krasny: Understanding Grief

The loss of a loved one can be overwhelming. Grief can impact us tremendously, both mentally and physically. How do we endure grief? Can we simply forget, or "get over it?"

In her new book, Marin County clinical psychologist Dr. Mary Lamia explains the science behind bereavement, from emotion to the persistence of memory, and shows people how to understand and adapt to death as a part of life. The book aims to expand our understanding of bereavement, placing it in alignment with how emotions work. Using numerous case examples and personal vignettes, Dr. Lamia's latest work helps people recognize the ways in which emotions are connected to memories and influence our experiences of loss. Dr. Lamia demonstrates how negative emotional responses experienced in grief often follow experiences with positive emotional memories.

Please join us for a powerful conversation on understanding and overcoming grief.


Patrick O'Reilly

Image - Mary Lamia

Dr. Mary Lamia

Clinical Psychologist; Professor, Wright Institute; Author, Grief Isn't Something to Get Over: Finding a Home for Memories and Emotions After Losing a Loved One

Image - Michael Krasny

Michael Krasny

Former Host, "Forum," KQED