Image - Diana Campoamor
Image - Diana Campoamor

Diana Campoamor: A Latine Vision for a New American Democracy

There is no version of America’s past, present or future that does not involve the Latinx community. As the second-largest ethnic group, the Latinx community has played a fundamental role in shaping our culture, our elections and our society. And yet, as Nuestra America Fund (NAF) founder Diana Campoamor argues, time and time again this community is undermined, their contributions are pushed to the wayside, and their voices are consistently hushed.

Campoamor’s book, If We Want to Win: A Latine Vision for a New American Democracy, is a pushback against such silencing. Twenty Latinx visionaries from diverse causes come together in its pages to share their stories of growth, resilience and revolution. With a diversity of knowledge ranging from environmental justice to philanthropy, these stories cover a wealth of lived experiences. From this they mastermind a future in which harmful stereotypes are replaced with nuanced understandings of the community's diversity and their accurate portrayal sets the tone for a more representative and just democracy.

At INFORUM, Campoamor will be in conversation with a panel of experts to recount their own stories of growing up in the Latinx community and validate the experiences of the community at large. With this shared wisdom on their side, they will reiterate the bounty to come from a more just future in which the Latinx community is accredited, vindicated, and cherished.

Image - Diana Campoamor

Diana Campoamor

Founder, Nuestra America Fund (NAF); Editor, If We Want to Win: A Latine Vision for a New American Democracy

Image - Ana Marie Argilagos

Ana Marie Argilagos

President and CEO, Hispanics in Philanthropy (HIP)

Image - Alexandra Aquino-Fike

Alexandra Aquino-Fike

Vice President of Development, East Bay Community Foundation

Image - Chris Cardona

Chris Cardona

Senior Program Officer for Philanthropy, Ford Foundation—Moderator