Image - David Pogue and Wei-Tai Kwok
Image - David Pogue and Wei-Tai Kwok
Image - David Pogue and Wei-Tai Kwok

David Pogue and Wei-Tai Kwok: How to Prepare for Climate Change

You might not realize it, but we’re already living through the beginnings of climate chaos. In Arizona, laborers now start their day at 3 a.m., because it’s too hot to work past noon. Chinese investors are snapping up real estate in Canada. Millennials have evacuation plans. Moguls are building bunkers. Retirees in Miami are moving inland.

In How to Prepare for Climate Change, bestselling self-help author David Pogue offers deeply researched advice for how the rest of us should start to ready ourselves for the years ahead. Pogue will walk you through what to grow, what to eat, how to build, how to insure, where to invest, how to prepare your children and pets, and even where to consider relocating when the time comes. (He says two areas of the country, in particular, have the requisite cool temperatures, good hospitals, reliable access to water, and resilient infrastructure to serve as climate havens in the years ahead.) He also provides wise tips for managing your anxiety, as well as action plans for riding out every climate catastrophe, from superstorms and wildfires to ticks and epidemics.

Join Pogue and renewable energy expert Wei-Tai Kwok for a look at their practical ways to make smart choices for the upheaval ahead.

Image - David Pogue

David Pogue

Correspondent, "CBS Sunday Morning"; Author, How to Prepare for Climate Change: A Practical Guide to Surviving the Chaos

Image - Wei-Tai Kwok

Wei-Tai Kwok

Climate Leader, The Climate Reality Project

Image - Ahmad Thomas

Ahmad Thomas

President & CEO, Silicon Valley Leadership Group—Moderator