Image - David Gergen
Image - David Gergen
Image - David Gergen

David Gergen: How Great Leaders Are Made

As trust in the U.S. government continues to plummet and faith in elected officials wears thinner, former White House advisor David Gergen raises the question: What does great leadership look like? To him, leadership starts within, and armed with innumerable examples of path makers past and present, he believes that this inner journey leads to an outward one that can change the world.

David Gergen is a former advisor to four U.S. presidents (both Democrat and Republican), CNN analyst and founder of the Harvard University’s Center for Public Leadership. He has advised U.S. leaders on national issues for administrations of both parties, serves on the board of more than a dozen nonprofit organizations, and has been awarded 27 honorary degrees.

In his latest book, Hearts Touched With Fire, Gergen explores time-tested leadership principles, with case studies ranging from Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to Winston Churchill, Greta Thunberg, Harvey Milk, John McCain and the Black Lives Matter movement. Drawing from half a century in public leadership and decades of mentoring young people, Gergen explores how great leaders have first achieved self-mastery, and then moved on to inspire, lead and change entire generations.

Join us as Gergen explores what makes truly world-changing leadership, and gives insight for generations to come of future leaders.


Photo by Thomas Fitzsimmons, Harvard Kennedy School.

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Image - David Gergen

David Gergen

Senior Political Analyst, CNN; Professor of Public Service and Founding Director, Center for Public Leadership, Harvard Kennedy School; Author, Hearts Touched with Fire: How Great Leaders Are Made; Twitter @David_Gergen

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