Image - Visual Arts in the Bay Area
Image - Visual Arts in the Bay Area

Cultural Health: Visual Arts in the Bay Area

This program is part of our Marin Conversation Series, which is supported in part by the Marin Community Foundation and Relevant Wealth Advisors.

Art is good for you: It nourishes your spirit and feeds your mind. Home to a diverse, vibrant and rapidly-expanding art scene, the Bay Area is a hive of creativity, brimming with artists, gallerists and curators who labor tirelessly to make, collect and present art for our enjoyment and contemplation. And yet they face ever-mounting challenges: lack of space and skyrocketing rents; market pressures and cautious patronage; competition for private funding and institutional support. These challenges threaten the very health of Bay Area art and culture.

Please join three of the Bay Area art scene’s leading lights—Wendi Norris, sharon maidenberg and Natasha Boas—at The Commonwealth Club’s Marin Conversations series. They will provide a “report from the field of aesthetics,” discussing the challenges and opportunities of making, collecting and curating art in the Bay Area and beyond.

This conversation is part of an extended series of discussions that The Commonwealth Club will present in Marin over the course of 2019 on an expanded notion of health. Future conversations will address political and democratic health, China and trade health, as well as youth, creativity and physical health.


maidenberg photo by Peter Prato

Image - Norris

Wendi Norris

Owner, Gallery Wendi Norris

Image - maidenberg

sharon maidenberg

Executive Director, Headlands

Image - Boas

Natasha Boas, Ph.D.

Art Curator, Educator, Writer, Critic