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Crossing the Thinnest Line

Lauren Leader-Chivee, Founder and CEO, All In Together; Author,Crossing the Thinnest Line

Explore the social advantages of diversity. Crossing the Thinnest Lineargues passionately and persuasively for the possibility, power, purpose and payoff of embracing difference. Already 89 percent of the world’s educated population is either female or minority. In less than a generation, the United States will become minority majority. The world economy is global and interconnected, and Leader-Chivee says that embracing diversity has never been more imperative.

With compelling data and powerful, personal stories, Leader-Chivee looks at challenges and solutions to immigration, education, business, media and politics and inspires Americans to rise to the challenge.


Lauren Leader-Chivee

Founder and CEO, All In Together; Author, Crossing the Thinnest Line